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ACPL Portal Demo


This application demonstrates the possible look and feel of a portal app for ACPL customers. This application, if developed, would interface with AGW and the On-line Learning Platform to deliver information to the user in real time, and would allow people without login rights to use the visitor function to view public marketing materials. Please note that this application is a technology demonstrator: As such, some functions are not in a final state, some pages have not been created, and one function in particular has been simplified for demonstration's sake. This latter is the login system: at the moment, the credentials for any registered user may be autocompleted from the username field and used. The passwords used are not actual passwords for any user account, and they do not grant any actual privileged access. These aspects are all intentional: They do not represent aspects of a final application, as this is mainly to test user experience.
Navigation after sign in is initially done with the left hand drawer, which may be used whenever a user is logged in for navigation.
PERMISSIONS: Only two permissions are requested. Both are for internet access for embedded analytics and viewing of the ACP homepage in-application.